• Caucasian Cuisine in Armenia

    Caucasian cuisine is the collective name of traditional dishes of such nations as Armenians, Georgians, Azerbaijanis, Dagestanians, Abkhazians and other nations in the Caucasus region. Caucasian cuisine is as rich and diverse as Caucasus itself. The mountainous locality undoubtedly left its imprint on the Caucasian cuisine. The higher into the mountains, the easier is the cuisine, the lower in the mountains, the harder is Caucasian cuisine. The warmer is the climate, more fruits and vegetables contain one or another Caucasian cuisine.

    You can enjoy all the diversity of Caucasian cuisine in Yerevan at the restaurant "Mimino". Restaurant "Mimino" is the only restaurant of Caucasian Cuisine in Armenia, where you can taste the masterpieces of Caucasian cuisine and at the same time enjoy the atmosphere of the beloved movie "Mimino".

    Our restaurant staff wishes you "Bari akhorzhak!"

Caucasian Cuisine


08 October 2013

Khinkali is a Georgian national dish, which was originated in the Georgian regions Pshavi , Mtiuleti and Khevsureti . And thus khinkali spread out into different parts of the Caucasus. Khinkali is filled with various fillings, mostly spicy. Khinkali, as well as dumplings (pelmeni),  is prepared...

Ajarian khachapuri

08 October 2013

Ajarian khachapuri is baked in the form of a bout and poured with egg....


08 October 2013

Kupaty is a chopped meat with garlic and lots of spices, stuffed into a shell of a gut and formed as a sausage. This is a Georgian cuisine dish, although other nations also have similar sausages, stuffed with meat or liver. Tkemali sauce, ketchup, chopped onion rings, pickles are served with sausage...


08 October 2013

Chashushuli is a Georgian dish of beef (veal) meat. Translating from Georgian it means "spicy", that’s why it is recommended to cook with lots of hot pepper, but of course you can make it as spicy as you wish. This dish is cooked in its own juice, which gives it a unique taste, very soft and spi...

Caucasian barbeque

08 October 2013

Caucasian barbeque is a shallow cut dish, usually marinated, which is prepared by baking meat or vegetables on a metal or wooden rods....


08 October 2013

Ojakhuri is a national Georgian dish, it's a fried meat with potatoes. It's prepared from various kinds of meat (beef, pork and even chicken), potato, spices, and traditionally is served on ketsi....


08 October 2013

Khachapuri is a Georgian dish, Georgian national pastry. It is just like a pancake with cheese....


08 October 2013

Satsivi is a Georgian sauce and dish with this sauce. They mostly make poultry with satsivi sauce: it can be turkey, goose, duck, although other meats and even fish can be served with this sauce....


08 October 2013

Chkmeruli is a very tasty Georgian dish made from a chicken. Chicken fried with the milk-garlic sauce just melts in your mouth. It is very tasty to eat lavash (or white bread), dipping in a delicious sauce and tasting a chicken. You can taste Chkmeruli either hot or cold. When hot it resembles Tabac...

Eggplant with nuts

08 October 2013

Eggplant with nuts is a combination of these two products, which evokes memories of Caucasian cuisine, especially Georgian, which is characterized by a large number of vegetable dishes, and a great part of them are made from eggplants. They can be served either separately, or in a combination with d...


08 October 2013

Jonjoli is one of the most vivid and specific delicacies in Georgian cuisine, it is a common seasoning for various dishes. It has a pleasant, light acid-spicy flavor of capers....


08 October 2013

Pkhaliuli or Pkhlai is a traditional Georgian dish of chopped and minced vegetables. They boil greens and vegetables, squeeze the water, chop finely with a knife and mix with spices, garlic, pomegranate seeds and nuts. In spring Pkhali is prepared from young radish or beet tops and nettle. Pkhali fr...